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Bigei "Hirata Atsumi"- Old Etched Semi-Cascade Bonsai Pot (4-11/16" wide)

Bigei "Hirata Atsumi"- Old Etched Semi-Cascade Bonsai Pot (4-11/16" wide)

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Bigei (Hirata Atsumi) 

This is an infrequently seen form and size from Bigei and a pot that has been around for some time. It features a wrap around etched scene and additional writing on the back. The pot is offered at a solid discount due to a small repair made on the rim. Repair was made in Japan and the photos show the repair.
This pot is well used, showing nice patina at the typical water deposit areas, and has Bigei’s signature on the bottom. Signed Bigei pots are from his higher quality offering.


This pot is used, in excellent condition, and has Bigei’s signature on the bottom. I’m proud to offer you pots that I find fantastic. Thank you very much for your interest. Enjoy 😊


Outer Dimensions:

4-11/16” x 3-9/16” inches tall

Condition: Used (small repair)


Potter/Kiln Info: Hirata Atsumi, born in 1939, delved into ceramics in 1958. Self-taught on the potter's wheel, he ventured into crafting unglazed bonsai pots in 1969. By 1975, he had established his own kiln. Bigei is often known for his esteemed shaded shudei (vermilion) shohin pots, which have earned him high regard among shohin bonsai enthusiasts. Notably, shudei bokashi refers to vermilion clay shaded from light to dark. Due to Bigei's retirement, his pots are anticipated to become increasingly rare in the years ahead.

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