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Bikoh - Cream Glazed Mame Round Bonsai Pot

Bikoh - Cream Glazed Mame Round Bonsai Pot

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Horie Bikoh - A quintessential Horie Bikoh bonsai pot in all of the wonderful ways that make it so; the clean and prominent glaze, single slab construction and curved cutouts for drainage around the base. 

This pot is barely used, in excellent condition, and has Bikoh’s signature on the bottom. I’m proud to offer you pots that I find fantastic. Thank you very much for your interest. Enjoy 😊

Outer Dimensions:

2-7/8” diameter x 2-1/16” tall

Condition: Barely Used

Potter/Kiln Info: Horie Bikoh, born in 1939 in Fukushima, has earned numerous accolades, including recognition at the Kobachi exhibition. Initially involved in the family's Mino ware business from 1958, he ventured into crafting his own pottery in 1963, initially using a friend's kiln. In 1965, guided by master craftsman Heian Kozan in bonsai pots, Horie gained independence in 1966, establishing Bikoh’s kiln. Specializing in bonsai pots, he received the Award of Excellence at the National Pot Masterpiece Gallery in 1975, solidifying his reputation as a prominent modern bonsai pot artist in the Tohoku region.

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