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Shoseki/Shibakatsu Collaboration- Multi Generational Painted Phoenix Bonsai Pot (5-1/2” wide)

Shoseki/Shibakatsu Collaboration- Multi Generational Painted Phoenix Bonsai Pot (5-1/2” wide)

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Shoseki and Shibakatsu - Experience a captivating fusion of Shoseki's painted artistry in this unique creation. These pieces, seldom encountered, boast intricate details that make for a very special and distinctive masterpiece.

This pot is barely used, and has Shoseki’s signature and Shibakatsu’s chop (stamp) on the bottom. I’m proud to offer you pots that I find fantastic. Thank you very much for your interest. Enjoy 😊

Outer Dimensions:

5-1/2” x 4-3/4” x 1-11/16” tall

Condition: Used

Potter/Kiln Info: Shibakatsu, founded by Katsuichi Shibata in 1973, emphasizes the vital role of pots in bonsai cultivation. With a passion for pottery stemming from his entrepreneurial background in his 20s, Shibakatsu believes in achieving a harmonious balance between drainage, tree growth, and pot aesthetics. His extensive portfolio includes unglazed and glazed pots, showcasing a wide array of colors and types, particularly focusing on Shohin Bonsai Pots. By prioritizing both artistic expression and functional considerations for tree growth, Shibakatsu has garnered acclaim from bonsai enthusiasts. With over 40 years in ceramics, he remains amazed each time he opens the kiln, aspiring for his pots to serve both beginners and professional bonsai practitioners.

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