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Shoseki Painted Isso - Mame Painted Bonsai Pot (1-5/16” wide)

Shoseki Painted Isso - Mame Painted Bonsai Pot (1-5/16” wide)

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Shoseki and Isso Collaboration - Experience a captivating fusion of Shoseki's painted artistry and Isap’s master pottery in this unique creation. These pieces, seldom encountered, boast intricate details that make for a very special and distinctive masterpiece.

This pot is brand new, unused, and has Shoseki’s signature and Isso’s chop. I’m proud to offer you pots that I find fantastic. Thank you very much for your interest. Enjoy 😊

Outer Dimensions:

1-5/16” square x 1-3/4” tall 

Condition: New


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