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Shuho - Rare Gold Glazed Style Bonsai or Accent Pot

Shuho - Rare Gold Glazed Style Bonsai or Accent Pot

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Shuho - The only time we’ve had a chance to get this glaze in this size. Small pot lovers, don’t miss your chance. 

This pot is brand new, unused, and has Shuho’s signature on the bottom. I’m proud to offer you pots that I find fantastic. Thank you very much for your interest. Enjoy 😊

Outer Dimensions:
2-1/4” across x 2” tall

Condition: New

Potter/Kiln Info: Shuho, also known as Hidemi Kataoka, belongs to the 5th generation of YOSHIMURA TOEN, a pottery lineage established in 1923.

Under the tutelage of his father, a skilled 4th-generation potter, Shuho acquired proficiency in diverse techniques, including handwork, coil forming, thrown, and molded approaches. He not only absorbed these skills but also assumed the responsibility of continuing and furthering the legacy of the family project.


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